About Us

We’re the Deacon Walker Llamasery and we’re all about apples.

We are a small apple orchard and farm in central Wisconsin. Our orchard is comprised, primarily, of apple varieties that are native to North America.

In addition to growing apples, we dabble in raising a small number of pastured poultry each year and we also maintain a small market garden.

Beyond growing, we are passionate about providing quality education, resources, and training on planting and managing apple trees, saving heirloom apple trees, and what to do with all the wonderful apples you grow.

What’s with the name?

The answer to this seemingly simple question has a few layers.

First, Travis is mildly obsessed with the TV show Psych. In episode 2 of season 2, 65 Million Years Off, the two main characters (spoiler alert!) discover a dinosaur fossil on a farm that is called Deacon-Walker Farm. So, the first part of our name is an homage to the awesomeness that is Psych.

The second part of the name actually has an additional two part explanation.

First of all, we know we spelled it wrong.

The correct spelling of Llamasery is lamasery. A lamasery is a center of Buddhist learning and spirituality. In addition to being the spiritual center, many lamaseries also serve as a social gathering and learning center for their community.

We love sharing our passion for all things apples and hope to be a center for learning about apples for our community.

So… why did we spell it wrong?

We like wordplay and puns. Before we arrived on our current property, Cait’s parents had visions of starting a nursery business to share their passion for plants and gardens. That original nursery plan was called the Tomorrow River Llamasery and the plan included having a few llamas on hand. Today, we don’t have any llamas, but we kept that part of the name to honor the history of the land, and we also used their original logo design as the foundation of our current logo.

That was a lot. We’re sure it flies in the face of pretty much every marketing and branding guide out on the internet. But, that’s okay. We like our name, and we like what we do!

Get to know us and our apples.

Interested in learning more? Reach out here, and we’d love to get to know you!

Closing salutations,

Cait, Trav, and their small humans and critters